Welcome To 2021 Free Job Employment Training Program 

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Train Up To 4 Professional Courses For Free & Pay Only Certificate Processing Fee

Combo PackageGold Package

Come & Earn Internationally Recognized Certificates That Will Boost Your Chances Of Job Employment

Combo PackageGold Package

Participants In This Program Will Get International Safety Passport (ISP) For Free & Other Freebies

Combo PackageGold Package




2021 free job employment training is part of TRAIN4JOBS career program of Deslog Training & Consulting designed to support unemployed Nigerians by providing them access to relevant professional training and skills development programs for free, first hand job information and employment support for free and free career mentorship that will empower them to take their rightful position in the Nigerian labour market..

The Problem

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with immense natural and human capital resources, but unfortunately, the citizens from this oil rich country find it difficult to get their heart desired job placement especially in the Oil and Gas and other allied industries despite the fact that we are the major host of the International Oil & Gas companies (IOCs).

The growing problem of unemployment in Nigeria has contributed largely to the worsening problem of poverty among the citizenry. There is no doubt that unemployment leads to frustration and disenchantment, which may result in different levels of crime in a futile attempt to escape from and forget the pains and humiliation of poverty and lack. To worsen the situation further, universities have continued to produced millions of unemployable graduates who lack in-depth knowledge and requisite practical skills required to meet industries' job demands and in an attempt to fill the gap created by unavailability of indigenous skilled manpower, many indigenous and Multi-National Companies (MNOCs) have continued to smuggle into Nigeria foreign artisans to fill the existing gaps which further encourages unemployment in Nigeria

The only way this will not be allowed to continue is on the ground that we embrace professional career development and employability skill acquisition, We have to empower our people especially those in the age range of 50 years and bellow on practical skills and provide them with internationally recognized certification that will enable them compete with their competitors anywhere in the world.

The Solution

In light of this, Deslog Training & Consulting Limited is partnering with World Safety Organization (WSO) USA and her other National and International partners to train and certify Nigerians on professional courses that are in high demand across all industries, these courses will definitely boost their chances of job employment into the oil & gas industry, marine, construction, manufacturing, banking, IT, power, engineering, business management and other industry and sector of economy  both in Nigeria and abroad.

We have jointly designed this special seven (7) days Free training program targeted at  all Nigerians both students of higher institutions, graduates from all disciplines,  technicians, engineers, medical personnel, managers, supervisors, employed and unemployed Nigerians who desire for job employment into major industries and those who seek for promotion in their workplace.


How It Works

In this 2021 free job employment training program, every participant is presented with the following 2 options to choose from.

COMBO PACKAGE: In this package, all interested participants are to train all the courses pre-selected and packaged as combo pack; The training is free but participants will pay only a compulsory certificate processing fee applicable to this package

GOLD PACKAGE: In this package, interested participants are to choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 professional courses of their choice from the list of courses provided in the gold package, train for free and pay only a compulsory certificate processing fee applicable to this package, no hidden charges.

Unbelievable? This is our own way of giving back to the society.

2021 Free Job Employment Training - Gold Package Weekday Class
April12th 9:00 AM
[ Mondays - Fridays ]

2021 Free Job Employment Training - Gold Package

12-Apr-2021 9:00 am - [ Mondays - Fridays ]
Lagos, PH, Enugu & Online Training, (Final Supplementary Batch).
Pay Certificate processing Fee Only
Train up to four (4) professional courses of your choice for Free and pay certificate processing fee only

In this gold package, participant are to choose 1 - 4 courses of their choice from the list of courses provided below, train for free and pay a compulsory certificate processing fee, no hidden charges. Click Register button to learn more..


Final Supplementary Batch is starting on Saturday 10th April for Weekend section and Monday 12th April for weekdays section.

Classroom training will hold in Lagos, Port Harcourt & Enugu, while Online Training will be available nationwide.

Registration is ongoing - After this batch starting on 10th and 12th April respectively, the promo will end and the courses will be charged at their original prices.


Countdown to Final Supplementary Batch